Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Money Online Real Process Given (MMORPG)

Hello everyone! WAIT! DON'T GO YET! It's me Rizaldo M. Ibarra, also known as DGreater1 in the Internet. Today I feeI more motivated than usual because I've come across some good information about getting yourself rich in less time in the Internet! I'm not joking around here! You could be collecting tons of money way out of your imagination by doing so! Nah, I'm just exaggerating as always but it's possible. Anyway, my explanation wouldn't take so much time so please read with an open mind.

I'm sure everyone has wondered HOW exactly are people gaining so much profit in Internet Business. Let me tell you some little secret about it and you'll probably only find it here! Anyway, I'm not one of those who will make people sign-up with their e-mail before I told everything. This is a blog so putting in some comments and leaving with a refreshed mind would be good enough for me!

So anyway, back to business. I'm probably guessing you came to this blog through some PTC Advertisement, random post from so social networking site or just some random good act of God. I'll tell you this...


Something like this is really hard to find in the Internet! Only few thousands actually, and only few of those thousands would be able to accept and grasp the simpleness of what I'm going to tell you! I hope you're one of them!

First, I'll guess about what you're doing right now. You're probably registered to a lot of PTC Sites, clicking everyday to gain income, trying to find referrals that would work for you, EVEN PAYING MEMBERSHIP fee to enjoy the services being offered and paying advertising fee to promote your site and such, then trying to find another good PTC sites, then repeat the endless cycle. But maybe not at all, anyway, I'm not saying you're doing it wrong but... THAT'S A REALLY SLOW PROCESS OF MAKING YOURSELF GAIN PROFIT! Not to mention, most of these PTC sites only offer below $0.1 cents for every click you make! Is your membership really worth it? YES and NO! I'm not saying your membership is not worth it! You know why? You are the one who's going to evaluate if it was worth it. You avail of the premium membership because you believe IT'S WORTH IT, you advertise your site because you believe IT'S WORTH IT. Now tell me, time has passed, WAS IT REALLY WORTH IT? Only history will tell.

Okay, we're close to the end, just hang in there!

Anyway, have you ever wondered why there are a lot of books about e-Commerce around? THAT IS JUST *A* PART OF THE SECRET! If you think no one buys such stuff, then you are DEAD WRONG!

I bought 3x3 Eyes Manga Volume 1-40 which cost me 12,600Php ($280) because I wanted it! I sold my Assassin Cross Card in Ragnarok Online Game (Valkyrie Server Philippines) for 6000Php ($135) to someone who wanted it, I joined Unlimited Network of Opportunities for 7,300Php ($162) because I liked one of the product they were selling and the promos, people are willing to work overtime and pay extra living expenses because they want extra money. Businessmen would hire people because they want and believe it would help their business succeed. I sold one of my accounts from Ragnarok for 1000Php ($22) BECAUSE SOMEONE WANTED IT. I'm writing all this stuff because I wanted to share it with people and because I have time to waste.

Anyway, stuff like CLICK HERE! or CLICK HERE! explains HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL IN e-COMMERCE and believe me, I'm sure a few of you are dying to know more than I do about what's inside the product that you'd be willing to pay for its contents. And here's a clue for you! It's all a part of a CYCLE! And as I said from MY OTHER BLOG before... SOME SUCCEEDS, SOME DO NOT, although that's a fact, you can always try and try until YOU SUCCEED! It's all about not giving up.

Some of the Amazon Products like the ones you see on the sides EXPLAINS HOW e-COMMERCE ECONOMY WORKS and I'm sure some of you are also interested in its contents.

People also click ads specially if it really looks interesting.

Seeing an ad that is too good to be true WILL SURELY GET people interested.

The SMART people knows this simple idea so they take advantage of it. As for how they take advantage of it is another long story. And that long story is what SOME OF US WOULD EVEN PAY just to hear.

And that's just SURFING THROUGH THE FLOW! You don't get it? You're just getting a fair share from someone who's already rich! Getting a book, an idea, a bit of experience from someone who's already done it.

What you need to aim for is to feel that you're ONE WITH THE FLOW! And you'll only get the feel of it when you get yourself a Surf Board. Which basically means, spending money and that's the hard truth which some of us must accept. Well, if you don't want to spend money, of course you can take the long way anytime you like. But let me tell you, most of the successful businesses started with a small fund.

Now tell me something, which do you prefer? Pay for something that would take weeks to months for you to gain back the income you wanted or pay for something that would make you gain so much that it's way out of your imagination in less time? If you're in doubt, then I'll show you a bit of computation as a clue to what I'm trying to drill to you.

Assuming we have a book or CDs or any other product that sells for $100 and the commission you get is 50% (you can even find up to 75%), that would be $50 per sale each. Now tell me, for the millions of people around the Internet world and for thousands to around hundred thousands interested in e-Commerce, how many do you think would gamble on a $100 dollar book? How many do you think are the competitors? If you're willing to gamble on a membership fee then you're probably ready to gamble on a simple product that would teach you how to do the business right.

Share this site with your friends or families and ask them, WAS THIS POST WORTH READING?

After that, ask yourself, WILL MY GAMBLE WORTH IT? If you think it's NOT WORTH IT but you already bought it, there's always that thing you call, DISPUTE. Use that spell... ability...? I mean method and everything should be all right.

Comments are welcome.

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