Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GeoString? What is this all about?

I know you're just a passerby but read this one. It's not that long anyway.

What exactly is GeoString? Well, I was searching for an answer in their website and clicked their "About Us" link and only found out that it's a subsidiary company of ClixSense Inc. that can be found at Clarksville, Tennessee. Since it's a subsidiary of ClixSense Inc., I'll assume that it's safe and clean.

Anyway, the story is, I was just browsing some site when I received a message as always and one thing that caught my attention is that you'll receive $10.00 on your registration for
free. What? I mean, WUT? Anyway, see below what I read from them.

We'll give you $10.00 free money just for starting your own GeoString.
Furthermore, we'll pay you every time you add length to your GeoString.

It's Fun and it's Free! (I'm emphasizing the FREE)

Q: What is a "GeoString"?
A: A GeoString is simply a string of your contacts and their contacts all strung together to build an incredible cash generator for the length of the string. You'll be amazed at how far your string reaches, both in numbers, and geographically!

Q: Are you serious? You'll give me $10.00 for registering a free account?
A: Absolutely. Register your free account to claim your free $10.00 now.

Q: Is there really no purchase required?
A: You are not required to purchase anything to claim your $10.00. In fact, we aren't even selling anything.

Q: How much free money can I get?
A: Your income potential is unlimited, and does not cost you anything. The more people you refer to claim their free money, the more you earn. Use the income calculator below to get a potential earnings idea. Use the income calculator below to see how much FREE money you can string:

Income Calculator (Somewhat exagerated results in terms of your downline recruitment)

Q: What's the catch?
A: Okay, okay, you caught us...
We'll send you one email every Tuesday. This email will include your affiliate stats, as well as messages from our sponsors. You only need to click the link provided in the email to confirm you've received and opened the email. That's it!.

Q: This sounds too good to be true. How can you pay me if everything is free?
A: Each week when your affiliate earnings and stats are sent, the email will include a small message from our sponsors. It is this sponsor money that is used to pay our membership. Click the "How it Works" tab above for more info.

That's it! And since I have a gmail account, I just had the urge to try it since it's basically FREE! I do know how to make folders in gmail and filter incoming messages based on where it came from so that I wouldn't have a messed mailbox. 1 or 2 mails every Tuesdays wouldn't hurt my inbox anyway. And "Ten Levels" of downlines is quite something if you ask me. At least to someone who's good with persuading people to join their team. Anyway, that would be $10 each time you refer

Click the banner and join me in an adventure that could change our daily life!

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