Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Overnight success! NOT...!

This is one of the most motivational article I read in a while. It's from SFI Affiliate's Launchpad test. It's basically true in almost every business but I do know there are gifted ones who can do much faster. I do believe in geniuses as you can see. Anyway, please read ahead...


Overnight success...NOT!

Today we're going to talk about having big goals...but REALISTIC goals. SFI holds tremendous potential for those who will apply themselves, but it's not going to Successhappen overnight or without work. As the old saying goes, "the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary."
We often hear from affiliates asking why they're not seeing a big commission check yet. But more times than not, the person asking hasn’t even been an affiliate for more than a few weeks and is only really
beginning to even understand how the whole SFI system works. And frankly, even if the number was six months, it’s still much too early to be expecting a significant income stream to have developed.
We always say that if you’re not willing to give a business at least a year, don’t even bother getting involved. You must understand: It takes time to get to know all the nuances of a business. It takes time to get to know the products. It takes time to develop a game plan. It takes time to figure out what marketing activities will work best for you.
The fact is, anything worthwhile takes sustained effort. If that were not true, we'd all be the perfect weight, we'd all have perfect relationships, etc. It's the same thing with your own business. If you're thinking money's going to start pouring into your lap next month, you’ve set yourself up for failure.
But let’s look at some real examples and see if we can put some perspective on this. Let's start with SFI's own president and founder, Gery Carson. Gery explains:
Gery Carson"My success as a entrepreneur and business leader is widely known today. Yet what most people don’t know is that I LOST money my first two years. I only broke even in my third year. And it was only when I got to my fourth year did I finally start seeing profits. Oh, how I wish someone had invented an SFI for me back in the mid-80's when I was starting out! ; - )
So was all that effort worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Because I persisted, today I live a dream life, I have my dream home, drive my dream car, and I get to lead one of the most exciting Internet companies in the world. Yes, because I stuck with it, I am today truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams."
But let’s go farther. Let’s look at some of the actual home business superstars we've interviewed and featured on our Website in the past:

Note that amounts listed reflect declared earnings at the time their interview was published.
ROBERT BLACKMAN now earns as much as $85,000 per month. Yet it took Robert two years to see his first four-figure check ($1,000 or more), and it took him five years to see his first five-figure check ($10,000 or more).
CHARLES LESLIE’s monthly income exceeds $12,000 a month. It took Charles five months to see his first $1,000 check, and three and a half years to see his first $10,000 check.
TRACY DIETERICH earns $36,000+ monthly. But it took six months to hit that first $1,000, and a year to get to $10,000.
DALE CALVERT makes so much more than $100,000 a year that he won’t even divulge the amount. Yet Dale worked four months before seeing that first four-figure commission check...and two full years before hitting five figures.
DR. JOE RUBINO now cruises at over $62,000 each month. But that first $1,000 check took two months, the first $10,000 check, one year.
ROBERT BUTWIN drops $80,000 or more into his bank account each month. But would you believe that first $1,000 check took two years to reach, and a full FIVE years for Robert to reach the first $10,000 check? It’s true!
DAVID A. NELSON clears $40,000 in a month. But reaching that first $1,000 check took 18 months. Reaching the five-figure check took two years.
TONY KENT has exceeded $90,000 in monthly earnings. But exceeding $1,000 took Tony one year...and a year and a half to exceed $10,000.

In other words, even the most dynamic, highest-earning entrepreneurs took MONTHS to begin seeing an income of any real significance. And the real wealth, the $100,000+ income we all strive for, took an average of almost THREE YEARS to achieve!
Do you think ANY of these gentlemen don’t think the ends justified the means? Do you think for an instant that the months and years invested hasn’t been rewarded a thousand times over at least? You don't even have to think about it, do you?
SuccessIf we told you that after two to three years of following our system, you could be making more in a month than you now make in a year, could you handle that? This is a genuine and realistic goal. But when you say you want to quit your job in six months and live off the income from your new business, well, that's just not realistic.
Not what you wanted to hear, right? But is what we're suggesting so tough to swallow? Of course not.
Can you think of any other endeavor where you could invest just five to 10 hours a week for a couple years and at the end of that time have that turned into a $3,000 to $10,000 residual monthly income stream? Money that keeps coming in month after month, year after year. Money that keeps coming in whether you work 10 hours a day or two. A commission check waiting for you in your mailbox when you return from yet another vacation. Money that when you’ve left this planet continues to provide for your spouse, children, or grandchildren.
Sounds extremely nice, doesn’t it? But again, these are likely not things you’re going to see in your first year. It's just not going to happen. Some of you—the go-getters—you WILL see it happen in your second year. For most of you, however, you need to be thinking two to five years. And you know what? When you get there, we guarantee you, you’ll say it was nothing!
You can do it
BOTTOM LINE: We reap what we sow, but the harvest is never in the same season as the planting! Today you are planting...and will be at least for the next several months. Your harvest will come in time. Be persistent. Be patient. Work the Web using our proven SFI system. Think long term. Take action every day, (no matter how small) to build your business. And always remember, THE ONLY WAY TO FAIL IS TO QUIT.

So, how do you like the article? Does it give you the energy to take all the temporary suffering for a permanent pleasure in life?

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