Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Making Money Online Real Process Given (MMORPG)

Hello everyone! WAIT! DON'T GO YET! It's me Rizaldo M. Ibarra, also known as DGreater1 in the Internet. Today I feeI more motivated than usual because I've come across some good information about getting yourself rich in less time in the Internet! I'm not joking around here! You could be collecting tons of money way out of your imagination by doing so! Nah, I'm just exaggerating as always but it's possible. Anyway, my explanation wouldn't take so much time so please read with an open mind.

I'm sure everyone has wondered HOW exactly are people gaining so much profit in Internet Business. Let me tell you some little secret about it and you'll probably only find it here! Anyway, I'm not one of those who will make people sign-up with their e-mail before I told everything. This is a blog so putting in some comments and leaving with a refreshed mind would be good enough for me!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Internet Business: Part 2 - Are your PTC Site trust worthy?

Hi again people! After trying some high withdrawal PTC sites, I've stumbled upon some dreadful opinion. I wouldn't say it's completely true since it's just opinion shared by many who might just landed on the bad side of the business. But anyway, there are some obviously true and some are misunderstood. I'll share some of it to you and I'm sure you'll be able to easily grasp what I'm going to talk about.

Anyway, since we're touching the line of "Business", I'm sure you've also searched for cons and pros about PTC. So here it comes...while you can earn money through PTC sites, there's one obvious thing you should be careful and that is "getting yourself scammed." I'm sure a lot are in doubt about high withdrawal PTC sites with no forums and no answers when you try to contact them via their contact page.

Internet Business: Part 1

Hello there people, this is a follow up of the previous post. And read up until the end, you might find something interesting.

A very fresh PTC Site! Read the news about the first 1000 Members! Don't let your chance slip by!

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
Probably the best designed PTC for me. Lots of promos and prizes. Click-Exchange is still the only thing why I registered though.

TenDollarClick? RichPTC? What is it?

Do you see that new banner above? The one that says, "RichPTC, I have earned $?.???, dgreater1" & "TenDollarClick, I have earned $?.???, dgreater1" Actually, I'm really not sure if the actual earning shows there in realtime I'm quite certain now that the numbers above that has the $ sign is my ACTUAL EARNINGS! (I won't change the blog message anymore) But here's the catch, I just saw that link on facebook as I was visiting "Unlimited Network of Opportunities" group. I was like, "This looks interesting." and pressed the link.