Tuesday, February 23, 2010

TenDollarClick? RichPTC? What is it?

Do you see that new banner above? The one that says, "RichPTC, I have earned $?.???, dgreater1" & "TenDollarClick, I have earned $?.???, dgreater1" Actually, I'm really not sure if the actual earning shows there in realtime I'm quite certain now that the numbers above that has the $ sign is my ACTUAL EARNINGS! (I won't change the blog message anymore) But here's the catch, I just saw that link on facebook as I was visiting "Unlimited Network of Opportunities" group. I was like, "This looks interesting." and pressed the link.
I was shock at what I saw... $10 per sign-up... Hmmm, not bad... $1,000 withdraw... cool as long as I managed to get 100 sign-ups... $1 per click... WTF?! Is that true?! 50% referral earnings... even more WTF?! I mean seriously, it's easy to click ads! That's like playing Mafia Wars except it's better because I'm clicking ads and collecting real money instead of doing Jobs at Mafia Wars. But anyway, I was like, there's probably something hidden here and a lot of restrictions so I read the Terms and Conditions. See Below...


# Payouts
You can request payment with your account balance has reached $10,000. Payments are made via PayPal or Alertpay only. Payment waiting time is 60 business day(s). All earnings listed and/or represented by tendollarclick.com are estimated value(s), actual value(s) subject to change with or without notice. Members must be active at least once a week to receive their payments.

# Referrals
There are no Direct Referral Limits! All purchased referrals stay in your account forever.

# Multiple Joins
You are not allowed to create any more than 1 account.

# Purchases
All payments and purchases are services rendered and non-refundable. All chargebacks or reversed transactions made on your payments will lead to an immediate account suspension.

# Liability
Liability : tendollarclick.com will not be liable for delays or failure in performance caused by acts of God, war, terrorism, strike, labor dispute, work stoppage, fire, act of government, or any other cause, whether similar or dissimilar, beyond our control. tendollarclick.com reserves the right to restrict, alter, or modify fees, benefits, rules, regulations, special offers, membership terms and conditions or terminate services any time and without notice. tendollarclick.com, its subsidiaries, affiliates and agents are not responsible for any products and services of other program participating companies or partners.

# False Representing
We do not tollerate anyone who uses false information to get referrals.

# Cheating
With our tough anti-cheat system, it is extremely difficult to cheat. If someone is caught cheating or simply attempting to cheat, we have the right to forfeit all earnings and possibly even ban the user from our network. Cheating would include any of the following:

# Interfering with our system to prevent optimum security and/or reliability.
# Creating any type of emulator, or a program to automate the process of clicking.
# Any malicious act that may, in any way, interfeire with our system.

# Spam
We do not believe in spam, and we are very strict on the handling of your information. The only emails you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site.

# Inactive Accounts
If your account has been inactive for more than 60 days, your earnings will be cleared.

# Advertising Terms
-- The website must not contain pornographic, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, or other adult materials of any kind.
-- The website must not contain any frame breakers.
-- The website must be english.
-- The website must not contain or promote any viruses
-- The website must not conatin ANY promts such as download dialogs or confirmation alerts.
-- The website must not exceed the 1 popup/popunder limit
-- The website's single popup/popunder must not open any new windows.
-- The website's single popup/popunder must not break any of the above terms.

# Subject to change
This agreement can change. Although we have the right to change this agreement without any prior notice to our members, we will send out a notice to all of our members the new terms and/or terms that have changed changed. If for any reason you do not accept the changes, you will need to contact us, and your account will be removed.


Have you read it? How strict was the term? Actually, the only thing I didn't understand was the

Advertising Terms: "The website shouldn't have frame breakers."

And then, that's it. I'm not really sure what the site is trying to promote. Probably a new method of PTC and such but I wouldn't lose anything anyway if I try it and if you ask me, this is fairly easy, as long as you don't flunk about your advertisement. Another one would be the TenDollarClick. It's a $10 per click, $10 per sign and $10,000 withdrawal. TenDollarClick looks much more harder if you look at the withdrawal but actually, they're almost just the same because 1*100 = 10*1000 = same amount of time you'd spent, the difference is between the referrals and 50% earnings which means, RichPTC is faster in terms of withdrawal. If you're in doubt, click the banners, register (click some ads as well if you like), then comeback here to see if the earnings has change (sarcasm and no sarcasm). So anyway, to make the long story short...

Check the link below...


Have a nice day.


  1. actually i refer the 2 ot 3 new member to tendollarclick.com, but in my account it's not showing any downline and no 50% payment of those members.
    how this problem will be solved

  2. HI,
    MY ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED IN TENDOLLARCLICK. SO NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO? MY EMAIL ID IS hchahwala@yahoo.in please do me one fevour and when it will start tell me through email.
    thank you ..

  3. HI,
    MY ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED IN TENDOLLARCLICK. SO NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO? MY EMAIL ID IS hchahwala@yahoo.in please do me one fevour and when it will start tell me through email.
    thank you ..