Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Internet Business: Part 2 - Are your PTC Site trust worthy?

Hi again people! After trying some high withdrawal PTC sites, I've stumbled upon some dreadful opinion. I wouldn't say it's completely true since it's just opinion shared by many who might just landed on the bad side of the business. But anyway, there are some obviously true and some are misunderstood. I'll share some of it to you and I'm sure you'll be able to easily grasp what I'm going to talk about.

Anyway, since we're touching the line of "Business", I'm sure you've also searched for cons and pros about PTC. So here it comes...while you can earn money through PTC sites, there's one obvious thing you should be careful and that is "getting yourself scammed." I'm sure a lot are in doubt about high withdrawal PTC sites with no forums and no answers when you try to contact them via their contact page.
Who wouldn't anyway, it really does seem suspicious. You'll also see some having a lot of complaints, mostly from free members and I wouldn't comment on that as much. Maintaining a site with a lot of free members and only few premium members is hard and I can understand that. I know they prioritize the premium members first. We're not really always talking about a multi-employed, multi-million dollar company here that values all member satisfactory equally. A lot of PTC Sites are even operated by only one person without any help. Since it's my first time being registered to multiple sites, I've wondered how many of them would be legit so I used my lousy browsing technique to find out information from other users about the PTC sites I've registered in. I'm proud to be a Filipino but I wouldn't be proud to get scammed and at the same time drag others as well. So anyway, I'm going to filter out trusted PTC sites based on how many people supports it and claims its legitimacy. As for those that are overshadowed by complaints and set standards of a trustful PTC site, I'll just say "try at your own risk", I'll probably divide it to three, "Highly Worthy" "Probably Worthy" "Try at your own risk"

Anyway, I'll list some of the things you should remember when joining a PTC site.

1) Does it have a forum?
2) Does it have a very high withdrawal and PTC ratio?
3) Do they answer your questions whenever you contact them?
4) Are there a lot of complaints about it?
5) How long will you be able to claim your money after cashing?

a) Well, I wouldn't actually say that not having a forum would automatically make the PTC site a fake but for me, a forum is trust booster. It helps members to mingle with each other and make post that are visible to everyone (members and non member alike) which can help evaluate the PTC site's reputation.

b) Having a high PTC ratio doesn't always mean fake but it's very highly possible. As they say, the larger the numbers are, the higher the stakes and only the rich would try to gamble on that. High ratio PTC should also have a higher membership fee to balance the income return. And I'm quite sure they'd favor the premium members more than the free members and probably wouldn't bother about the free member's complain. Although, if the membership fee looks quite low despite the high PTC being offered, I'll say that is suspicious. Anyway, getting yourself stringed in a multiple scam PTC site working with each other and so on... that's something you should definitely be careful. But if you're just an average advertiser and wouldn't mind the benefits. Then don't mind about being scammed since you're just basically paying for the ads and not the premium service. But if you don't get the ads correctly in about a week, then it's time to dispute.

c) This is something that'd be hard to explain. As I said before but also just my opinion, not every PTC sites are a big company. Worse, it could be operating with only one person. Sending out a question and not receiving an immediate answer to no answer is a huge possibility specially if the PTC sites has a lot of members. Well, I have a Call Center E-Mail Support experience so I have a bit of idea.

d) You'll find other PTC site forums discussing other PTC sites and you'll stumble upon one member complaining about another PTC sites being slow. I even saw a list of non-trustworthy PTC site ranging up to 400. Funny thing was, a PTC owner and also a PTC multi-site registered user noticed that site and complained why his site was also listed there. I viewed the owner's post count and it was over 1,000 while the one who posted the list only has around 60... Who do you think is telling the truth now?

e) Dreadful truth, don't trust any sites that would take over a month for a simple task like dealing with credit cards. Credit card transaction and getting your fare share shouldn't take too long. You won't be able to dispute or refund your money once that happens something bad happens.

*Ask yourselves this. Why do they have the wait time for payments to be so long? Do anyone know what is the window to file a dispute with paypal or alertpay? Paypal is 45 days and AlertPay is 30.* -from PTC Investigation site

Anyway, I wouldn't pay for a premium membership but I would pay to advertise my site and if I find the PTC site is worthy of my trust, that's where I'll be inclined to try being a premium member. And if it does give me income and at the same time give my site traffic, making other people go in and out of it most of the time and getting interested in it, I'd also be glad.

Comments, opinions, and other criticism are very welcome so don't hesitate to leave your piece of mind here. Thanks!

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