Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Internet Business: Part 1

Hello there people, this is a follow up of the previous post. And read up until the end, you might find something interesting.

A very fresh PTC Site! Read the news about the first 1000 Members! Don't let your chance slip by!

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange
Probably the best designed PTC for me. Lots of promos and prizes. Click-Exchange is still the only thing why I registered though.

A PTC made by a Filipino, for the Filipino and the others around the world! It's a $0.01 per PTC link, $0.015 per referral link! And it has a forum as well! I pray for its success!

A PTC sites that operates in low withdrawals much like bux.to, even lower and much more, it pays and it's genuine. It's $0.005+ per PTC links but only 10 seconds cool down. Has over 15 PTC links most of the time and a really organized interface. The best part is the Click-Exchange-Site which would enable you to advertise your site at the expense of viewing other's website. Definitely one PTC you should join in.

A good PTC site. It has nice interface, and the Click-Exchange ratio of 5:4 which is what I really like on some of the PTC sites. A good start for someone who trying earn some more income out of PTC.

One of the good PTC sites out there that you should try and see for yourself. It has a lot of links you can click and my favorite Click-Exchange with a 5:4 ratio as always.

I mostly like PTC base on its contents and basically, I liked this because of the Click-Exchange and its appealing interface. Very standard looking that it's not hard to navigate for me.

Much like any other PTC sites, the thing I really liked about this is the Click-Exchange with a ratio of 5:4. Quite great for advertising and earning. It also has a wide range of ways to earn. I'll be honest with one thing though, I just couldn't like the choice of color in the interface.

Again, much like any other PTC sites, the thing I really liked about this is the Click-Exchange. Quite great for advertising and earning. Also, at least I like the interface compared to EarnEasyCash.

One of the few Genuine PTC sites that pays, it's good but you can't have direct referral until you've reach 1 month of being a member and having reach 100 ad clicks, not sure if that's true though. Kind of strict but you should definitely try this one.

Another PTC sites that also operates in low withdrawals. But one thing I liked is their banner that displays progress.

DonkeyMails.com: No Minimum Payout
Basically, one of the most trusted PTC site out there. Been in business since 2005, not as a scam site but a legit PTC site.

An all in one earn while surfing site. From reading mails, clicking ads, referring others, etc. Probably one of the oldest as well.

Send and receive money online with AlertPay, an alternative choice to PayPal. Earn $10 for every referral you make! Join now if you still don't have an account!


Now, let's head to business... I mean story first.

Have you ever wondered how people manage to become rich in the Internet business? What method did they use? And so on...? Well, if you're reading this then you're probably still wondering or probably, you're already on-board and wondering what's this all about? I'll be honest, before I became serious with this business, I tried a lot of things to see what's the easiest to use.

First was the PTC (Paid to Click). In this line of business, the company pays you to read (view, click, access, etc) the ads. It was about a year and a half ago. A classmate and a friend referred me to it but ultimately ended giving up after earning $7 because I couldn't get referrals and clicking ads that only gives me $0.01 is mind numbing. I've probably just touched the birth of the new online business method.

After some months, I came across what you call PPS (Pay per Sign). Not the one associated with PTC but more associated with Social Networks and *porns* Yup! The one where you need to (pretend) make someone sign in a website using their credit cards. Oh, wait! Don't get me wrong, I didn't do such a thing. I only heard it from someone but my conscience couldn't handle the fact that I'm going to rip off some people so I just shrug that idea away.

Then later, I've stumbled upon Google Adsense. The kind of advertisement where your income would depend on how much traffic your site can get and how much people would find your ads to be worthy of click. As for someone like me who has a niche hobby, I thought it'd be fairly good but I was wrong. It's kind of frustrating because it's hard to drive traffic to your website. Not to mention, people are more interested on the videos I post on youtube rather than a shoddy blog with weird advertisement so in short, the traffic goes to youtube instead.

Then comes the Affiliate Programs. Haven't really dwell too much into it so I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. But anyway, to explain it in a simple term, it's a business where I'll get paid for driving people towards the site I'm affiliated to. One thing about it that makes it different to PPC (Pay per Click) is that you have control over the things you want to advertise, (ex. Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, etc).


The banners listed above are just some of the website I'm affiliated with. As you can see, some of the banners have numbers. The numbers shown there is my actual earnings. You'd noticed that the numbers go up and that's because I'm earning them. The reason I chose those banners is because they show people that there's actual result. They pay me whenever I drive people to their site and register. Aside from that, it's also a PTC site that offers more than $0.01 every click. Not that it's all different from other $0.01 and higher PTC site but at least seeing a larger number is more motivational than watching your meter go $0.01 to $10.00 if you know what it means. I'm a Mafia player and clicking is one the requirements in playing it so instead of wasting my clicks on Mafia, I decided to use it on the ads offered by the above affiliates. And just like in Mafia, in order to get stronger, you'd need to have bigger family. In other words, you need referrals to help you. A word of advice though, cheating isn't allowed, always make sure to read the terms. The reason they want people to see the ads is because 1 or 2 or probably a lot would be interested in it. And the advertisers are the ones paying for their ads to be displayed and seen by many. Much like how you probably got thrown to this page and now reading this. Do you now realize what I'm trying to tell? People pay to see more ads, people pay to make people see their ads, people pay to enjoy premium service and there are really times when you need to pay in order for people to get the whole picture. In short, people would be willing to pay in order to gain profit. As for me, I paid because I want people to read this and be motivated and of course, to earn myself some more money in the process. So ultimately, I went to back to PTC method. The only difference is, I'm now registered to multiple PTC sites. Right now, you can probably calculate how long and much would I earn if I seriously try to reach the withdrawal limit.

Assuming it took me 3 months or 4 months to reach the withdrawal limits and skipped those PTC with low level withdrawals, that would still be Over $9,000!!!... just around $9 per month...! And But that isn't even using referrals or advertising. Just pure click, PURE WILL POWER from a single person each day, not to mention, you'd only take a few minutes to hours in order for you to click all the ads from 1 to 9. Can you imagine how easy it is? From a single person click to multiple referral clicks, you'd be making tons of money! The only reason I didn't bother PTC before is because the only one I know was bux.to which has become a scam PTC site. But now, it's a whole lot different than before.

Anyway, let's see how this adventure would fare.


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